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Géotec participates in all phases of programme development and the performance of geotechnical and environmental surveys or structural diagnostics of various structures that are both varied and complementary.

Géotec works on all types of constructions and its employees are specialised according to the type of structure surveyed, and in particular:

  • Buildings: factories, shops, warehouses, offices, housing, public buildings.
  • Civil engineering: basins, treatment plants, water towers.
  • Linear infrastructures: railways, tramways, tunnels, roads, highways.
  • Civil engineering structures: bridges, viaducts.
  • Energy: production (thermal and nuclear power plants, land and sea wind turbines, photovoltaic parks), transport (power lines, gas pipelines, overhead and underground networks).
  • Maritime and river works: ports, dikes, docks, outfalls, submarine cables, floating wind turbines, etc.
  • Developments and Natural Hazards.

The Group also offers all studies and associated works involving low temperature geothermal energy.