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A business does not operate in a vacuum. On the contrary, its activities are at the heart of society and its challenges. Therefore, Géotec has a duty to open up to the world around it and maintain a privileged relationship with culture in general and artistic creation in particular.

Based on these convictions, in 2005, François Barnoud, founder of Géotec, embarked on a path of patronage. Passionate art lover and collector, he led a demanding programme to purchase contemporary artworks by active artists and over the years he has built up a collection of great heritage and artistic value. This is proof that the company, within its capacity, can play a significant role in supporting and promoting culture and artistic creation.

To date, the collection counts 70 works of art, installed in several Géotec regional offices or agencies and for the most part at the head office in Quetigny (21), in the company's historic gallery.

Renovated in 2012, this vast space of 250 m² is open to the public free of charge. Visitors can discover sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs, videos by recognised French and foreign artists, optimally presented and conserved.

Géotec's presence in the field of artistic creation bears witness to its success and its capacity for openness; thus it builds a unique identity, which contributes to the company's image, through both its employees and its environment.

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Miguel Chevalier - Fractal Tensegrity, 2007
Acier et aluminium - 6 x 3,20 x 3,20 m
Design : Woytek Sepiol
Collection Géotec - Achat 2007